If Arrested For Back Child Support How Long Can They Keep You In Jail?


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Lttle3's answer is wrong in saying that you will be in jail for at least 5 years. It all highly depends on your state. The longest I have ever witnessed is up to 6 months. Most cases it is any where from a day to 30 days. You can either spend the time in jail or pay the money. If you get arrested, those are your options. Pay up or Spend time.
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Depends on if you have a job and they can attach your wages other than that if it has been a on going thing with you, it will be decided by a judge.....the best to you
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I'm destitute. My kids go to private school , have cars and I phones and laptop computers and live in a 4,000 ft house. He was abusive and took my kids to force me to pay him support. He makes 170,000 yr. My car was repossessed , I owe back taxes and unless I come up with over 3,000 in child support I go to jail june 9.the money is never going to magically appear.they already garnish my wages for how about an honest answer.I don't have it, never had it, never will have it. How long will I stay in jail . I need to plan for know move out etc.
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you spend as low as 3 times in jail due to overcrowding. Some authorities truly put the people in jail and let them out to work throughout the day and then back to jail.  This goes on for about 6 months. And family law attorney orange county various other areas never put the woman in jail.

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That is up to the judge.  He can require you to pay a partial amount of the back child support owed or he can require you to pay it all before your release.  In either case, have cash in hand buddy!  They will not accept a check.
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Just as long as the Judge feels one needs to think about child support and falling behind in it
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I agree wit the last answer, I have two kids and my 1st one, her dad isn't in her life and sumhow doesn't get caught by child support. Your kid didn't choose you as her dad. And what you were a man wen you was there having sex but you can't be a man and support that innocent child. Well you can go to jail for 5 yrs that's the least and it depends how much you owe. All your doin is making it worse for urself. What I say to guys like you is just give up your rights and let another man who wants to b its father b in its life. Any boy can make a child but it takes a MAN to b a father.
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How about paying it. You have a responsibility's to your child. It really angers me that you would rather go to prison than pay for a child you helped bring in to this world. What kind of person are you for god sake. Grow up and face up to your responsibilities. The poor child never asked to be brought into the world and should not have to suffer because you never took safety measures to insure this didn't happen. I am a mother of 5 children and I want the best for them always and this means making hugh sacrifices for them and do you know what I really don't mind as there the most important thing in my life,

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