How Can I Find Out If A Person Is In Jail And What They Are In Jail For In Connecticut?


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Once someone has been arrested for a crime it becomes public record and they lose all confidentiality.Although you don't usually get all the details you get the crime and the date. Now, if your a really smart snoop, you'll put 1 + 1 together. You will take the date that this person got arrested for this crime and check all the local newspapers on line in the archives to get more information if that's what you want. And just to help you out a bit, here's the link to start with for CT.
And Duska please remember, whenever your about to go on a fishing expedition like this brace yourself for there may be some things that you may find out that you are not aware of or ready for.So take a deep breath and if possible have a friend over that you trust to go surfing with you.
Good luck my friend and may your journey enlighten and brighten your future.
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Court docket of the courthouse they were in, in the time of trial.
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I wait to find out what jail Leonardo Ried

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