How Do I Find Out Who Is In Millington Tn Jail?


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  • How to find someone

If you are looking for someone in particular in the Federal Prison Camp in Millington, Tennessee, then your best bet would be to contact the jail directly. You can do this by calling +1 901 - 872 - 2277, remembering to give the full name of the person that you require, as well as your own, and your relationship to them. Be prepared to answer a series of other questions too, as the prison may need to be sure that you are who you say you are.

  • Visiting the Federal Prison Camp

Should you decide that you wish to visit a person that is staying in the Federal Prison Camp, then you will find that you can do; again, by ringing the prison, you will be able to find out the visiting times that must be strictly adhered to, and any rules and regulations that they will have, such as the maximum number of people who are allowed to visit at any one time.

Whilst these rules may seem unnecessary, and sometimes even cruel, you must remember that they are in place for a reason, whether that may be for the safety of the inmate, or the safety of yourself.

Also, you should keep in mind that the person that you after getting in touch with is in the Federal Prison Camp for a crime they have committed, not a vacation. This will mean that there will be regulations in place that are fitting to the environment, such as, for example, certain gifts being prohibited.

You can find the address for the Camp in Tennessee very easily, by typing it into a search engine, which will tell you not only where it is situated, but how to best to get there, depending upon your mode of transport and where you are coming from.

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