How Do You Find Out If Someone Is In Jail And Why? I Have Already Been To The County Website It Think Hes In And Didn't Find Anything.


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Perhaps he’s not in jail then. What you need in order to find out is his name and date of birth. Once you have those, go to the county web site and access the criminal history section. You should be able to search it by name but the date of birth will help you identify your guy when there are multiple results.

You could also call the County Sheriff's office. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pay phone. The Sheriff’s office will need the name and DOB just like the website.

Of course in both of these cases, you need to know that the county you are checking with is the right one. Could he have committed the crime in a different jurisdiction to the one you have checked already?

If you are convinced that he is inside but these things are failing, check out your local paper. If he committed a crime that was serious enough to get jailed for, chances are it was serious enough for the paper to have reported it. Your library should keep back-copies of the local paper. Of course here, to save time, you could do with knowing roughly when he was jailed. You could search a month’s worth of papers in an hour or so but you won’t want to be searching a year’s worth.

These days journalists don’t have to search cuttings like this to find old stories. Everything is digitised and searchable. If you ask a journalist nicely, they might perform that search for you. Just call up and ask to speak to a reporter. Explain your situation and if they are having a good day, they might help. They are under no obligation to though.
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Found the inmate but not the reason he's in jail
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Have you called the jail directly? Sometimes it takes a few days before they are listed on the website.
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Denise fitzpatrick went to jail in lake station Indiana on 4-9-09
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If he has a tattoo that has a number then it means hes in jail. To figure out how go to
www. Figure out why hes in

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