How Do I Find Inmates In Douglasville County Jail In Georgia?


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There are no published lists of inmates at Douglasville County Jail in Georgia which is a common policy, based on security reasons, throughout the USA. Despite not listing the inmates it's possible to make educated guesses at who is detained in Douglasville as the jail which is located at 6840 West Church Street.

There are around 750 inmates held there on any given day with the jail housing individuals convicted under Georgia State law as well as a number awaiting trial. It's fair to assume that most individuals convicted in Douglasville will be detained in this jail.

Within the jail there are laundry and kitchen departments with over 80 deputies and correction officers working within the unit providing a ratio slightly better than one officer to every 10 inmates. The jail houses prisoners convicted of various offenses and has a website at which provides full details on various departments, functions and contact information.

The prison population is constantly changing with prisoners being released, sentenced and transferred on a daily basis. There are two main reasons for keeping the identity of the prisoners confidential - to assist security in the event of an attempted breakout and to provide the prisoners with a degree of privacy, protecting them from members of the public angered by their offenses.

As you would expect security is everything in a prison environment, publishing any information that could assist anyone on the outside planning to breach security knowing which prisoners are being housed. The families of prisoners know where individuals are held which allows them to plan visits, write letters and occasions use the telephone - these details are also useful in the event of an emergency.
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Not sure where you got that info. Jail inmates and their booking info are a matter of public record, and in fact, most major counties have a way to see who is in jail, what they are there for, and photos as well...even the Douglas County Jail, who has a quite extensive database of prisoners.

To access the Douglas County, Georgia jail roster, or to search an inmate, simply go to and type in the name. Their booking info will then be provided.
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Go up to the jail you ass
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Mickey l. Malone
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Write or call the sheriff's office - no web search is available until they're in the state system.

Douglas County Sheriff
6856 Broad St., Douglasville, GA 30134
Phone (770)942-2121

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