What Do You Think About Ex Convicts?


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Depends on their crime somewhat, but I try to respect their time served and give them the benefit of the doubt.... But of course if I see them so much as twitch I will report them if there is probable cause lol
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I try NOT to think about them. Most of them are a waste of time and can do my brain nothing...except worry. Most will return to jail after having committed yet another crime. I have no time for wastoids.
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Sylvia Maria Keels Keels
The the internet dear they all don't return and they can change if theres a will theres a way and please don't talk about my father that way. U have not lived in my footsteps so go on continue to catch bad guys..like i believe that ha have fun searching the web coping and pasting
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You know, tuffbabe, you can think what you will but I have lived a long time and if all of this is true about your dad and he is back home with this "NEW" attitude then I am VERY happy for your family. But, not to give you another English lesson...but, I did say MOST which leaves the remainder of Some. There are always a few folks who do right. But again, they should have done right from the beginning. Why don't you read some more posts on here. They seem to agree with me.
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Also I do not cut and paste anything. I work 12 hours a day so there is NOT much time for reading on the internet as you so easily accuse. It is also a SAD thing that people have to WAKE up (as u put it) and get on the right track with a good life. I have always had a good life because I, me and myself made it that way. Everyone has a choice in life. Frankly, I do NOT desire the gov't to interfere in my life and give me ANY handouts because then I am obligated to the gov't. No thanks!!
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Eyewatcher is right that people in prison cost us money.  There is no magical government money tree.  Money that states get or use for inmates comes from taxpayers.

People make mistakes.  I'm willing to believe that people can change and learn from their mistakes.  I'm willing to believe that someone can commit a crime in a moment of passion or desperation yet be an otherwise ok human being.

But I'd also be very wary around an ex con and would probably rather not have one as a next door neighbor.  Yes, he might have completely changed.  But according to one study, 70% of crimes are committed by repeat offenders.  That's a pretty scary number.  So it's just better to be safe than sorry.  I wish we could assume that they all learned their lesson and changed for the better, but that just isn't the way it goes in many cases.

I probably wouldn't date a guy who had been arrested unless it was something very minor and a long time ago or if it was something like peaceful protesting.  I'm just not into the "bad boy" types.
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If all prisoners that successfully completed their time were like your Dad, 1tuffbabe, that would be wonderful.  Do a crime, learn a lesson, come out a different person.  Unfortunately, that is not generally the case.  I think your Dad would tell you that.  The general law abiding citizen is leary to be involved with a Ex convict because of the likelihood of them offending again.  The statistics say they will.  It is obviously hurtful to you have your Dad thought of in this way but, if you think about the reasons behind this fear (and it is a fear), you will at least be able to understand it.   We, the people, are fearful that our homes will be robbed, our children will be molested, our daughters will be raped, our money stolen and ourselves attacked and beaten.  We are afraid!!  It is the bad guys that repeat, repeat and repeat that are often the culprits.  Some (like you Dad) do learn and do change, but is not the rule, it is the exception to the rule.  I have personal knowledge of this because my Dad was a guard at a prison here in Texas.  Repeat offenders were extremely common.  It is good that your Dad is trying to use his experiences as a guide to others to stay on the straight and narrow.  But...do not take offense at those of us who choose to be leary about an EX Con.   To most people an EX Con is looked on with suspicion.  It may not be right to view all with the same suspicion but surely you can understand it if you give it some thought.  Wish your Dad well for me.
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Not a simple answer.  I think the Sociopaths should stay in prison.If  the others want a better life, they can take courses while in prison and hopefully get decent jobs when they get out. If they have learned to be master manipulators, they might well be  avoided.
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A convict is a convict. They are in PRISON because what they did was not minor. Minor offenders go to jail, not prison.
Like Eyewatcher said 'The person only changes if that person chooses to'

most people who commit major crimes like murder or something, usually commit that crime because they have a chemical imbalance in there brain that make them do w/e they do. Some are just heartless & could care less about what they have done.

I believe that if you do they crime, you do the time. No getting off for good behavior, or anything like that. Serve full time. I'm in between on the death penalty but we aren't going there.
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I think those babes in the female prison movies would be a blast to party with, although Im not sure they'd be in to handcuffs.

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