Can An Ex-felon Start Their Life Over Again. What Job Opportunities Are Available?


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With the right attitude toward rebuilding one's life, it can be done.  The type of employment will depend on the offense, naturally.

Many states have non-profit agencies to assist ex-felons in reconstructing their lives. is one of them, located in Minnesota, for example.  Amicus provides training and assistance with offender employment. (  The United Way would be another good resource for locating employers and jobs in your community.

Here is a link to a site with career resources in the US (by state) for ex-offenders.  
Ex Offender Employment Resource

And here is another resource:
National HIRE Network
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Right now new orleans needs close to 6000 workers to help rebuild and tear down homes and are willing to train anyone that will show up and be responsible. There is always people willing to hire someone that has went through the system and wants to straighten out their lives. As stated by amore01 above.
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What can a felon go back to school for if convicted of possession of thc with intent to deliver

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