What do you think about Jared Fogle after his conviction? It's a heinous crime he committed. Why ? When he had it so good working for Subway?


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I was surprised and shocked when I first heard of his "problem". Seems like he had the world by the tail. He went from a fat nobody to a thinned out spokesperson for a major corporation. Fat, thin, broke or rich, you can't change the inner feelings of a human. He'll get what he deserves and have to put up with a child porn hater, 'Bubba', in prison.

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I would've never suspected it, but I'm sure we see FreakOs every day and don't realize it. I personally hope he gets the maximum penalty allowed if not more. I'm not one for plea deals. If you commit a crime you should pay for it according to the seriousness of the crime. Subway did the right thing in dumping him immediately.

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He's creepy! Creepy....creepy! I think he should be put out for the vultures!

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He had all good things going for him, but just sabotaged himself and well and truly jacked up his future. It's hard to say why he did this. Almost anything can be forgiven, except crimes against children. Just like Josh Duggar. The family had everything going for me; reality TV show, Josh had a great job going in Washington, I think. When the rumors surfaced and then were confirmed about the molestation of several girls, four of them his own sisters, his future and his family's future became doomed. I don't think that you can ever recover from this type of scandal.

No one wishes bad luck on someone else, however, hardly anyone would be rooting for Jared because of the nature of his crime. Now it leaves Subway in an untentable position. Cut ties now to minimize the damage.

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Rooster Cogburn
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They cut ties with him four hours ago. I just read it. Hopefully it doesn't damage the business as it sure wasn't their fault.
Danae Hitch
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Good. TLC did some major hesitating on the Duggar fiasco which really cost them big bucks. Why not pull their show in light of what Josh had done? They were all too happy to pull the plug on Honey Boo-Boo once June was found out to be dating a sex offender.
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Yes they did.

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