Should Sex Offenders Get Protective Custody?


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Yes absolutely they should be in general population. They preyed on an innocent child why should they get protected the child they ruined for life and most likely will pass off on someone else didn't have a choice. Its not like its announced "sex offender coming through" they either tell others why they are there or others find out. Either way let them fend for themselves if they can. Either way maybe jail or prison will be so difficult they will think twice before doing it again. Ignorant or not I don't have a bleeding heart for these waste of human beings that prey on children. They should be killed. If you don't like that too bad. I'm entitled to my opinion. As you are yours. Right on sy1508. Too many people coddle these freaks and they need to be euthanized like dogs that they are. Not even like dogs since dogs are above them way above them.
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No they should not.   One of the very basic premises of being a human being is the concept of free will.

Each and every one of us has been given a mind, a brain of our own.   Everyone knows the concept of "cause and effect."   Thus, if I CHOOSE to take an action, then I ACCEPT the consequences.

Unfortunately, given our current cesspool of morality passing itself as society, no one has to accept responsibility for their actions anymore.   It was the drugs I took.   It was the booze I drank.   It was .... Whatever.   No one owns up and takes the responsibility for the actions that they take.

If YOU choose to drink, then the consequences of your drunken behaviour are still yours and yours alone.   You should have to accept the consequences.

That said, sex offenders are aware that they are breaking laws.   Prison is already too soft and cushy for them.   Prison is not about rehabilitation -- it is about punishment.   Protective custody negates the opportunity for society in a microcosm to visit some justice on these perverts.

And besides, protective custody costs too much.
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This would probably be a very good debate topic, but to answer your question I feel being with the general population does them a world of good. When some big fella takes the offender under his arm and teaches him the social graces of the anal condo then he has a small idea of what his victim went through. And I'm sorry if I offended anyone's sensitivities!
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Pff! Your infinite ignorance does not offend MY sensitivities!
 Look. This is simple: Vengence perpetuates the cycle, constructive rehabilitation can break it.
 How long can you beat a dog, before the next time you try to approach it, it tries to rip your throat out?
 You think it's any different with sex offenders (or any criminal for that matter)? You put those who are not prone to violence (regardless of the nature of the crime) in with those who are, you create a circle of victimization. Do you really think that arranging to have these people brutalized daily will make sure that they will be pro-active and productive members of society upon release (and they WILL be released, unless they have gotten life without the possibility of parole)?
 Which kind of ex-con do you want in your community (and they WILL be there too), the one who was made to suffer the time in prison AS the punishment, or who were consistently 'punished' while in prison?
 It's far too easy to say 'Those scum deserve to be treated like the worthless slime they are!!!', but we all have to live with the end results of that kind of thinking. Imprisonment is bad enough as it is, try it sometime if you don't think it is... And what's the recidivism among ex-cons now? Do you really think that you're way is going to keep them from offending again?? And so what if that would mean they just go back to prison? How many victims have to be created before you get rid of the last of the sex offenders?!?
 And do you think that would be the end of them? There are new ones growing up right now. How do you intend to find them before they offend. Do you even know how many offenders were victimized themselves as children?? How much more should they be victimized? Why should the violent offenders in prison be allowed to enjoy the continuation of their violent behavior? Do you think that will reduce their willingness to commit violent acts? And if they get into LIKING raping men in the a**, are YOU prepared to accomodate their new sexual desires after THEY are released??? I'M not!!!
 As a mature and conscientious (and hopefully intelligent) society, we MUST recognize the connection between action and result! If we create a brutal 'punishment' for the commission of crime, and there is no way to escape the brutality, you will create brutality. If you make every effort to find ways to constructively rehabilitate those who can be, and keep them from being further victimized by the system that often failed to protect them as children, don't you think that they may finally have the tools to better control their own actions??
Lastly, if we arrange for them to be treated the same way they treated their victims, what makes us so much better than them??? For once in your life, think about it, don't just spew the same media-fueled hate that you have been programmed to express. Recognize that these people (and all convicts for that matter) are still people, and anytime we fail to protect the weak from the violently strong, we do nothing to advance our own culture, and much to drag it down to the depths of depravity. After all... What's next? Televised rapes of such offenders, in the hopes that the fear/disgust will stop people from committing such crimes? Yeah, that'd work. Try again.
 I just hope that this answer makes you actually think for a moment about the bigger picture, and not just focusing on the ugly ideas that are dumped on your psyche by the mass-media and other forms of hate propaganda...
 Have a day.
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You're allowed to refer to me as ignorant as you like. Living in a make-believe world is what you do. To claim I'm influenced by the mass media says something about your inherent ignorance, I have refused to watch television for over 35 years. You have no idea where my influence comes from. If child molesters have a 100% mortality rate in prison it would be for the best as their recidivism rate in some studies surpasses 50%. Love and hugs will certainly turn these people around and when they get out you're welcome to invite them to live with you, I would not be so naive.

After a bit more thought it has come to me how diametrically opposed we are; you believing in the inherent good in people, me believing in the inherent evil. Murderers, rapists who use force, and those who steal the innocence from children have given up their right to life. Once they ply their trade on you or someone close to you am sure your position will change. Until then you can gush all you want about rehabilitation, it will fall on deaf ears here.

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