Is There Any "PRO-BONO" Family Lawyers That Will Fight CPS?


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You can find a Pro-Bono family lawyer from ABA which stands for American Bar Association.There are many lawyers who can help you in family problems and they can solve the family cases as you've also a serious case. So you can contact some lawyer for family rights advocacy. From the following website you can contact and find a lawyer from the following link easily.
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My chilren were just taken by cps and given to their father bc my boyfriend 10yrs ago took a plea of cfc4th degree bc there were alligations made by onther person that he was molesting his kids and after having a court appointed attorney and being young and not knowing his rights he was told he was facing 60 yrs if it went to trial....after his arainments and sentencing was postponed for a year he took the cps says once a sex offender always a sex offender and they say this COULD happen to my kids.....he is not a registered sex offender and he has no ongoing rules or laws saying he can not be around oldest som is 15 and my youngest is 5 ...I have 4 kids all together.....and they put a court order he was not supposed to be at my residence...and I guess I broke the court order because last sunday we went to the races and he helped me unload my car at home....but there should not have been a court order to begin with....there is no allegations against kids love him and vice versa he has done nothing but love our family and help us in every situation possible....he has given me money for bills or if my kids needed anything and this is not fair....cps has gone against every right I have and now that I know my constitutional rights I have seen how they do things....they have lied to me and about me and I don`t know whst else to do...I cooperated with them ...went through their safty plan...I`ve deal with these people since last oct. And my case got closed and my ex husband made more allegations to have it reopened...the same weekend it was they say I see drugs and own guns...which is not true....cps said I needed to take a drug test and I said give me a court order and I will gladly do that and they said I refused it and in their eyes its positive....which I do not do any kind of ex has got my mother convinced this man beats me and he is going to molest my children and that is the farthest thing from the truth.....this is my life I`m talking about..and nobody will help me...I work at red lobster and I go to ex husbands owe me about 15 thousand dollers that they will not pay but  they have money for all these lawyers and I can`t offerd one.....please help me...please....
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As I posted for another person here, check out Although it depends on what state you are in, maybe they can help.
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My rights are being violated by family court also and I feel like you do! I am just me and I don't know how to fight these injustices. Everyone who hears my story can't believe what is happening but when one of these bullies set out to destroy you and all you have done, they can and the system allows it.
I have no criminal record. I am currently being accused of awful things. All things I have said or done are being taken out of context by these egomaniacs. POWER IS IN THE WRONG HANDS!
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Yes power is in the wrong hands. We must fight together! Group hold rally's petition and not give up on our children! This is a win win! Whatever you do don't give up! And if we work together we over populate and force them to give us our kids back! I don't see where we loose!
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I wish I can help  I have the same problem. God be  with you.

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