How Do I Pay Child Support If Ex Wife Harasses Me At Work?


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Paying child support has absolutely nothing to do with your relationship with your ex-wife.Not paying the required amount of child support set by a judge is not an option; failure to pay child support constitutes contempt of court; a warrant can be issued for your arrest on this charge. In addition to being arrested, if you are convicted of contempt of court for not paying child support, any licenses that you have, including your driver's license and your license to practice your profession will be revoked until you are current on your child support payments.

If your ex-wife is harassing you in any way, withholding child support payments isn't the answer. You will need to perhaps file for an order of protection that would keep her from calling or coming to your home or place of business. If she violates this order, then she is the one who will be arrested on contempt of court charges. You don't necessarily need an attorney to file for an order of protection; simply go to your county clerk's office and they will take your through the correct procedure.
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Settle down the man is probably asking how he can pay support when he loses jobs because his ex harrasses him at work. We need more information to assess this case.
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Keep in mind people that it's important money but it is just money. No one halls you off to jail if you don't pay rent, or your student loan etc, and those people also need to feed their children. Jailing ncp's has never been a remedy for child support in fact the law has been construed, to include the imprisonment of parents unable to afford support, whereas the original law makes it clear that only parents who have been proven to have the money to pay may be incarcerated. We know that innocent parents are jailed all the time for being poor or uneducated, not tolerable in my book. What if the D.A decided instead of allowing poor single mom's to get welfare that women who couldn't afford their kids would be jailed? It's the exact same thing and I am willing to bet no mom would be down with that idea.
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Your ex needs to understand that she is "shooting herself in the foot" if she harasses you on your job. If you get fired, nobody wins. It would be Inappropriate to have to take legal action against the mother of your children, because it will only create more hard feelings and while you two are locked in fierce combat the only ones to get hurt will be the kids. Did you ever seek counselling before you split up? If not, step up to the plate and do whatever you have to do to get this situation in front of a non-involved 3rd party. Most communities have these services available either for free or on a sliding scale. Check with your family court or local social services agency. You can even call a local hospital and get direction from a social worker there if you don't know what else to do. This has the potential to escalate to a domestic violence issue and that, my friend, is not where you want to go. Your first priority is, and always should be, the welfare of your
children; you're their father and fathers take care of their kids. Mom may have "issues;" it's up to you to take the high ground on their behalf. Good luck.

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