Wife Won't Sign Divorce Papers. What Should I Do?


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I am not sure what country you are in but here in the US, it is a legal proceeding. The attorneys file all the proper paperwork and have an alloted amount of time to get the papers filed. If they are not filed in time, a court date is set to go in front of the judge and the judge makes the call on how to continue. If the judge sees someone blatenly disobeying the process (such as it sounds she is) a judgement will be made and the divorce will be final on the judges order.
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You need to arrange a peaceful meeting with her because apparently she does not want to let you go. Maybe you two can work things out if she acts right. Even when a person is wrong they are affraid of truly losing a good thing. What do you really want to do. You have kids and had a family once. Invite her to lunch and really clear the air and ask her why does she not really want a divorce explain how hard this has been on the family and you want your family but she has made it clear that she does not. What does she really want? Hope this helps.
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The only thing I know to do is get with your attorney and take her to court. Prove what she is doing and I think the judge will grant a divorce for you.
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Hi my husband left me and our children for another women in january 2008 I filled for divorce last august . Hes had the papers since February and he hasn't signed them . Now my solicitor has recommend sending the court bailiff to his house with another copy as long as the bailiff hands them to him it don't matter if he signs them its proof that hes received them and the divorce can continue all I needed was a recent picture of him and he address I suggest you do the same . Good luck and I hope you get your divorce sorted out soon
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Be extra-friendly with the other man in her life!She can not brook it and opt to make the legal break from you forthwith. If this does not work, consult in person a reputed legal expert in this specialised field. But before all this, could you both meet up, forgive and patch up at least for the sake of your children?
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She don't have to sign. You can get one without her approval. You just need an attorney and go to court.
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After thirty years my wife and I split up. It's been four years and now I want to move on. We never filed for a legal separation. Will she now be entitled to support when I go file for divorce? She's been living with her mother and works full time.

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