I Would Like To File For Legal Separation, What Are The Steps?


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For the legal separation, first you should read out the laws of your country to understand the terms required for the legal separation in your country. You need to complete the papers required to file a case in the court for the legal separation. Once you have completed all the required papers, you need to hire a legal lawyer for the purpose. In some countries, the lawyers for the purpose are especially there to handle the cases of separation.

If there are such lawyers in the country then you need to hire a special lawyer. Once you have hired the lawyer, you need to discuss the case with your lawyer and file the papers in the court. Court gives you the date for the case. Then all the court essentials are completed. The time taken for the court dates is the time mainly taken. If your case is strong then you are given the legal separation by the court. If you lose the case in the court then either you can file the case in the higher case or find the other way of the separation. Meet a lawyer or legal advisor for the further details.
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Iam 28 years old...we 2 brothers...nd need a seperation from my father. Also my mother is ready to take legal seperation please advise what steps to take ....
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For any kind of legal advise you should first have knowledge about the laws of your country and then consult a legal adviser.

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