Legal separation is it moral,immoral or partly moral and immoral?


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Depending on your point of view, legal separation could be considered immoral or moral. Reasons for both sides of this debate are described in the points below. Legal separation is the process that occurs when a couple decide to separate, and wish to put this in legal terms. Often a legal separation is followed by a divorce, in which case the legal separation may have taken place for financial reasons - it can help in establishing who will pay which bills and bear which responsibilities. In addition, legal separation can lead to effective children arrangements being made, if a couple share children.
  • Reasons legal separation could be considered moral
Many consider legal separation to be moral, particularly if children are involved. Legal separation can help organize matters such as childcare and provide stability and official agreements in difficult times. It can avoid misunderstandings and confusion which often lead to arguments and conflict. In essence, it provides a structure that everyone can work with.

Additionally, legal separation is considered by some to be more moral than the alternative - divorce. Many people, some for religious reasons, will refuse to seek out a divorce because it is against their views. In these circumstances a legal separation could be sought out, which may only be temporary and lead to reconciliation in the long run.
  • Reasons legal separation could be considered immoral
Many believe that whilst legal separation is not the same as divorce, it has the same effect. They think that married couples should remember their wedding vows and work together to rebuild their relationship. Legal separation may confuse any children involved, which is not good for their development - it could lead to them feeling insecure. Additionally, people consider legal separations sought out for financial reasons to undermine the principles of marriage and divorce.

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