What Does An Irish Birth Certificate Look Like?


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An Irish birth certificate has remained pretty much the same up until a few years ago. Up until 2000, an Irish birth certificate contained the following information:
  • Date and Place of birth
  • Name (first name(s) only)
  • Sex
  • Name and Surname and Dwelling Place of Father
  • Name and Surname and Maiden name of Mother
  • Fathers Occupation
  • Signature, Qualification (or relationship) and Residence of Informant
  • When Registered
  • Signature of Registrar

After 2000, birth certificates have become computerised and now can include the address of the mother and the surnames of both grand-mothers (presumably for genealogy purposes). There are pictures of certificates on the Irish Certificates (www.Irish-Certificates.ie) website. Here is one for Michael Collins who was born in 1890, in Rosscarbery, Clonakilty, County Cork.

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