Does The Father Have To Sign Birth Certificate For Child To Receive His Name?


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No he does not have to sign the birth record in the hospital for the child to have his last name. But the name of the father will not be on it. The child still will get his last name.
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It depends on the state or province that the child is born.
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In my state, you can give your child any name at all, first and last. My son's last name is Coldwater, which is not mine or his father's.
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If having a child out of wedlock .If the father sign the birth certificate does the child automatically go in the father last name...I live in the state of florida.
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No the father doesnt have to sign, but the woman ( Mother ) can just put down who the father is .
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No, anyone could be put on the birth certificate and the child is able to be named after anyone that the mother chooses.
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My baby is 6 months and his dad wants to sign in the birth certificate. What identity does he need?
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Beatrice Armstrong
Photo ID and proof of address
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My daughter is 6 months old im not with the father i dont want him on the birth certificate,he said hes going to go and be put on it his self he said it will cost 25 pound is this possible

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