My Daughter's Father Was Unable To Attend The Birth And Didn't Sign Her Birth Certificate. We Are Not Married, So How Can I Get His Name On Her Birth Certificate?


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Huh. Here in California the mother fills out the birth certificate with her information and the father's information. Their isn't anywhere for the father to even sign it.  Contact your Vital Records Office or your County Clerk's office and they can help you.
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My son was born in Illinois without his father being present. They would not allow me to put his name down either. Unfortunately, I don't think you can get it added after the fact, but I am not 100% certain.

To the person in California, I lived in California prior to the birth and returned after. The policy of allowing a person to just slap any old persons name on the certificate is a practice I am honestly shocked they have not put an end to before now!!!
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Go to family court or go to the hospital where your daughter was born & ask for a change of name form!

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