How Can I Change My Daughter Misspelled Name On Her Birth Certificate?


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In the US, it is very difficult to correct such an error, but details can be found in a state-by-state guide at

It is much easier to do so if you are a UK citizen, especially if it is a name change resulting from a clerical error. To amend the details, it is necessary to contact the register office where the birth was registered to do this and documentary evidence may be required. This should show that the child is being brought up in a different name to the one on the register and from the earliest date possible. This could be in the form of an NHS letter, a bank statement, passport or a medical card.

Applications for corrections should ideally be made by the person who registered the child, with the original register office. Forename changes can be made only once. You can change a child’s forename in the following circumstances: If new forenames were given in baptism or by regular use within 12 months of the birth being registered. If your child has been baptized, only the baptismal names can be added to the register; the minister with custody of the baptismal register needs to confirm this with the 'Certificate of name given in Baptism' form.

You must also comply with any court orders in force about the naming of your child. If your child was baptized in a Christian church, the vicar or minister of the church needs to complete the ‘Certificate of name given in Baptism’ form, which may carry a charge. If not, you will need to complete a ‘Certificate of name not given in baptism’ form. To obtain the form, contact your local register office or the General Register Office by telephone at 0300 123 1837, or email [email protected] The process ought to be pain free and easy to do.
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You can call    (212) 788-4520 or you may write to the Corrections Unit,Office of Vital Records,125 Worth street-CN4,New York , New York 10013
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All you have to do to correct this is to petition the court by filing your state's legal name change forms. You can get them at [ ].

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