How Can I Fix An Error Made On My Birth Certificate?


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If an error has been made on your birth certificate, for example, the spelling of your name, then this something that needs to be corrected as soon as possible, as your birth certificate is an extremely important document. Although parents are now not issued with a copy of their child’s birth certificate when they are born, they can request a copy from the head of the Department that deals with them.

The parents or guardians of a child, or an adult themselves, can petition to amend an error that has been made on their certificate. This could be changing the last name due to adoption or correcting an error that has been there since birth such as a spelling mistake. Before you can make a change, you must first have a copy of the original certificate. If you do not have one, then you must arrange to have a copy sent to you from your state’s Department of Health. There may be a fee for this service.
If you are changing the child’s last name due to adoption, then you must also have the court order issued by the change signifying permission for the change. All information will be on this order. You must then visit the magistrate’s assistant to arrange an appointment to have your birth certificate alteration application authorised. A date for the hearing will then be set for the future or the magistrate may decide to see your case immediately. If that is the case, then make sure you are prepared and have everything you need when you go to make the application, including being well dressed.

During your case hearing, the magistrate will hear your case and examine the evidence and paperwork that you present. They will usually give you a decision then and there. If they decide to grant your request, then you must pay the appropriate fees to the cashier. The paperwork will be filed by the docket clerk once fees are paid. You should receive a certified copy of the Order Correcting Birth Record within two working days of your case hearing.
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I was born 04-28-1951 (59 years ago), my birth certificate shows 04-28-1941 and it is stamped incorrectly. What can I do to correct this error, when the agencies involved all tell me that "they never make errors"?
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The error isn't usually the birth certificate, since the information applied is provided directly by the birth mother verified for accuracy prior to submission by the hospital or even by a midwife to vital statistics department.  Otherwise, there may be a clerical error from the office it was obtained and not a fact of record.  If it is the later, it will be easier to have SSA make the changes in accordance to the BC.
Otherwise, an application within the judicial system must be made requesting a legal name change.
Depending on the circumstances for the request, it may become complicated and possibly denied
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Request a form from the state in which you live,the form should come from your states health department make the corrections and return it and wait for a new copy of the birth certificate....good luck
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I can't get my state id my birth certificate because the last name don't match my social security card what can I do where can I get help
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If all of you have government issued id (passport, inmate id, ect.) you can go to your county health department
and request a new birth certificate, that should have an affidavit of correction on the back. Just fill that out mail and that should be that, but if you don't have government issued id than your in the same boat I'm in and all can say is GOOD LUCK
Depending on your age; you would have to have your Mother and Father both write to the vital records department of your State where you were born and request that they receive the appropriate forms to correct the Middle Name on your Birth Certificate. If you are of legal age (male or female); you can request this change yourself as long as you provide your Mother's and Father's name on the request when submitting it to the vital records department of your State.
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My bf was not around to sign my oldest boys birth certificate and with my youngest boy the papers were filed incorrectly so he was not added onto it even though he did sign an acknowledgement of paternity. How do I get these fixed or will the state require paternity tests to do that? I live in texas
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You need to talk to State Department for Health or the department which deals with birth certificate issues to fix this. You can't fix this problem online. The department may charge you a minimal fee to fix the error.
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You will need to notify the clerk where your birth certificate is filed and ask for an Application to Amend Certificate of Birth. This application must be signed by you and by the attending physician, parents or an older sister or brother in front of a notary.
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My mother was born out of state.   They had midwives at that time with poor spelling. Her name is spelled completely wrong with the wrong date of birth on her original.   How can this be corrected?
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There may be a way to fix it but for all intents and purposes why would you need to. It is still valid even if her name is misspelled because there are all kinds of records surrounding the fact that she is your mother.
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Visit the registration office and get it correct there... I'm sure they would suggests to get professional help from the would not take long coz its only a wrong spelling
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I had the same problem my name was all switch around on my birth certificate. So I went to the SS and change the name they had to the name that was on my B.C.

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