How Can I Change My Son's Name In Birth Certificate In Kerala? He Is Born On November 21,2006


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I am working in Indaian Army in 18 years, now I am reterd Ex service man,Now I am working in qatar .My problem is my son NAME IS MANASWIN MANOJ relateve all documents in army and ration card also. But orginal birth cerificate NAME IS MANASWIN AK. WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE OF CHANGE THE NAME IN BIRTH CERTIFICATE MANASWIN MANOJ  please urgent
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It's not a big thing. Kindly contact an advocate preferably a Notary & tell th e need to change of name. On that request, he'll prepare an affidavit. Latter you need to advertise the same in the Local news paper. Thats all.
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My name in my education certificates (such as SSLC, +2 & degree certificates) is ARUN JACOB K and in birth certificate it is ARUN K JACOB
(The question is of 'K' in the last of the name and the "K" in the middle of the name. How can i change my name in the birth certificate as ARUN JACOB K ?.. What else are the legal procedures?..

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