How To Correct Birth Certificate Errors?


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Errors in a birth certificate can seriously affect other important documents.  Government documents such as Driver’s licenses, Social Security Cards and passports rely on information from birth certificates for verification.

An error in a birth certificate will result in a list of errors in all your documents, and the process of correcting them may be a tedious experience.  You can obtain the right paperwork to file for a change at the public registrar’s office in your country.


Go to the center for statistics, the clerk’s office or the parish in your country where your birth certificate was issued, explain to them that there are errors on your birth certificate and that you are requesting the appropriate documents required to make a change.  The documents required to facilitate the appropriate changes will depend on the type and nature of the error.

Errors such as misspellings can be changed with simple paperwork, but errors that involve; date, parent’s names and or time may require a special court order, the clerk should be able to explain everything to you and give you some assistance on obtaining the right paperwork.

Go over the paper work and fill out every part completely and accurately.  Most forms will require that you fill out and state the type of error and the reason as to why it occurred, as well all the relevant information in your birth certificate.  Above all make sure that you fill it out correctly.

Copy all the relevant information that is required by the state, and this usually includes; copies of your parents documents, such as passports, ID’s and so on and any other relevant information from the doctor or hospital in which you were born in.  If the person requiring a correction is still in school, then reports and school letters may be required so as to prove their identity.

Fill out and file the form at the clerk’s office, and after all the paper work is done you will then receive a new copy of your birth certificate.  The clerk’s office may call you again should they require any more information.
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My first name is spelt wrong on my birth certificate and on my baptism certificate from the church. What procedures do I need to complete to get my first name correctly spelt. I need it as soon as possible to be able to retire from my job. I am 58 yrs. Old. Born in Kingston, New York. I really do not want to have to change my social security card and my drivers license to the incorrect name currently on my birth certificate.
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Call your local court house where you were born. They should be able to direct you to the correct place or answer your questions. If you are underage you will have to have your parent or guardian help you obtain the information you need to have it changed.
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Corrections on birth certificate can be done only by a parent who is listed on the birth certificate as well, that is if the child is minor. In case you are above the age of 18 then you need to show a certified copy to the court. Along with this you will also need to provide with a picture Identification.

Some of the general guidelines required for the amendments are First and/or middle name of child, Last name of child, Child's date of birth, Mother's and/or father's first and/or middle name, Mother's and/or father's last name, sex of the child, Court ordered legal name change and Additional items.
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My son has the wrong last name on his birth certificate. He has the correct last name on his social security card. His name on the BC is Justin Ronald Lee Chapman BD 10/2/89 mother is Michelle Spicer father is Ronald Lee Chapman. Justin is a male and should have the last name of Spicer, his father never signed the birth certificate, so how this happened is unknown and how he received a social security card with a different last name is beyond strange to me, but this has prevented him from getting a job a drivers licences. Etc. Please help!!!
Michelle Spicer
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If you are still living in the state of your birth it should be as simple as going to the clerk of the court or county clerks office and pay a fee for a correction of records or name change.  If either of your parents are still living and could go with you and attest to the fact that it was a clerical error and it was misspelled on the original state record it might make it easier to justify.  If they have any other requirements they can let you know in person.  If you are no longer living in your state of birth then start by sending a letter to the commissioner of vital records or county clerk of the county of your birth and ask for further information.  In either case there may be a few more things required than I have written but the offices should be able to assist you.  Also keep in mind that if you have been using your name in its' misspelled form your whole life then you would have to file a lot of additional paperwork with the IRS, city, or county tax offices, the DMV, your insurance company the Social Security Administration and even potentially the VA if you are a veteran.  Good luck..
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This information is very helpful since my first name is mis-spelled but I would re-phrase the answer because at first it seemed to indicated being born in a court house instead of the normal places like cars, elevators or in a hospital.
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Well You Could Take It To Your BirthPlace Or Ask Your Parents But I Wouldnt Do Much Cause Its To Late But AlsoThat Could Be How Your Name Is Really Spelled.
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I have this relative who recently request a copy of her birth certificate and to her surprise, there was this date of marriage of her parents on her certificate when they are not actually married.  How can this be solved?  I hope you can help me with this.  Thank you.
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My sons birth certificate says male n*****, no name and hes 10 yrs. Old now ive tried but everytime I go they ask me for a different letter .what can I do ,I want to get his name on it before he turns 18
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My granddaughters birth certificate does not contain her father's name even though he signed all the paperwork from the hospital and the child has his last name.  The child was born and resides in Bucks County, PA   please advise as to how to correct  this error
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All you have to do is file for a legal name change. My friend had the exact same problem. You can get the forms you need along with a hand book in one entire do-it-yourself name change kit at [ ].

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