My Husband Was Born In Ireland And I Lost The Birth Certificate. How Can I Get A Copy That Won't Cost Alot Or Is Free?


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You need to go to the local town hall (the one for the town he was born) if you are now living in another country you might be able to phone them and explain but they don't usually send them out. You usually have to pay around £6 which is probably around 10-13 euros. hope this helps.
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You most likely need the birth certificate for official purposes, like drivers licence or passport applications. Baptism certificates are not typically used in situations like this.

Irish birth (marriage and death) certificates are available by applying in person or by post to any district registration office or to the General Register Office. You will need to know all the details when making the application. Check the GRO website ( for details.

You can order Irish birth, marriage and death certificates online from Irish Certificates website (

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I'm not sure I'm doing this right. I do have immigration papers, just not birth certificate. I'm thinking that means I can get his birth certificate in this country. The birth certificate was here and should be another copy available somehow. Thanks for responding
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If he was baptized, churches do not charge for copies of baptismal certificates, so if you know the church, you could contact them as an alternate.

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