How Do Obtain A Copy Of My Birth Certificate Being That I Was Born In New York?


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I was a military child born in Germany,Now I am 18 yrs old and I need my original birth certificate  ,because my original  got burned  in the Van that my father was driving going down to Texas.I did need because my mother always  kept a copy.but that is not good enough I need to get my original copy to get my D/L and to go to can I obtain my birth certificate? Please help me ......thank you
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Well you can take the copy of the birth certificate from the hospital where you were born so you can easily get the copy of the birth certificate from there. The hospital are generally issue the birth certificate of the child when they are born in the hospital the hospitals register their names in the hospital so you can ask the management to issue you a birth certificate by just checking their records.
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I need a copy of my birth certificate.  I lost my orginal and I need to know the cost of replacing my certificate and can I do this online?  I need this overnight is this possible?
    I was born in New York City on 3/23/61

Thanks for a quick repsonse.

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