How Do I Get A Birth Certificate Apostilled?


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The process of getting a birth certificate apostilled is where you verify that a record is legal and authentic. You may have documentation such as your marriage certificate or even a death certificate from a deceased loved one in the family that cannot be confirmed. Usually, this service is required when you are travelling or working in foreign countries, as they will need to see that the nation where the certificates have originated from has approved the document as real.

If you need a birth certificate apostilled, it may be the case that you need other documents verified independently in the same way. Many companies that are authorised to undertake this kind of work also approve passports, medical records, tax reports, company files and even Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) certificates that confirm a British national can work with young children.

One such company that provides this service is, and they will have had to go through strict inspections to verify that they are working within the law to apostille documents and follow guidelines set by the government to the letter. If you need a birth certificate apostilled as a matter of urgency, it may be worthwhile for you to pay extra for the documents to be sent back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t invest the time into doing this, you may find that you will only receive your certificates back with a standard service in two weeks. Replacement birth certificates which have also been apostilled are additionally available through some companies.
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Yes your son can get the copy of his birth certificate because there are some federal department websites that are providing free copy of birth certificate then he can notarized his birth certificate copy to be used in another country. You can get copy of birth certificate at
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Just get a copy from the General Register Office (GRO) then send it to someone like to get the certificate.
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Apostille Pros were very helpful! They got my birth certificate and power of attorney apostille for Spain ~Nick

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