How Can I Get My Birth Certificate If I Am Adopted?


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Hello,  I was born in Los Angeles county and was adopted. I was told that I had to contact sacramento to get my birth certificate.  Is this true?  I received a copy of my birth certificate, but its not valid for identity.
I want to make sure that the compnay that I need to talk to will get my birth certificate that is good for identity.
Can someone help?
Well your age would be helpful in my answering your question, as you may or may not have access to certain documents depending upon your age.  also were you adopted at birth?  do your parents support your efforts?  where are you located?  do you currently have a ss card?  when were you presented with your ss card; at birth?
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First you would need to know the names of your birth parents and the state in which you were born.  You could then contact the State Capital building.  You could also try using the website:     at this site you will need your name, your birth parents names, date of birth, the state and city you were born.

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