Getting Birth Certificate Without No Id And Social Security Card. How Can I Go By Getting Help With The Low Income I Have?


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In order to obtain a birth certificate without an ID you will usually have to get a relative to request the birth certificate for you. They will have to access your local Department of Public Health or the Department of Vital Records in your state. They can also obtain the certificate via an online service. However, to get the process started they will have to fill out an application form which will act as a formal request and will ask you to fill out specific information. They will have to fill out the name of the person on the birth certificate, their relationship to the person in question and the specific contact information. In addition, your relative will have to write down information regarding the parents listed, birth order, place of birth and the reason why they are requesting this.

It is necessary that your relative signs it and if they are filling out an online application they should accompany it with a scanned copy of their identification. If they are completing the form in person then they must give proof of their identification over the counter. Keep in mind that you may only have one of these methods available, but it solely depends on the state in which you live. Moreover, it is important to state that your relative will be charged to carry out this process. If the application is successful, the birth certificate will be sent to the corresponding address and then you can use it to obtain an ID.
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Getting birth certificates from some states (Michigan, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, etc.) is very difficult without an state issued ID, passport, immigration papers or other major government issued document.  Some states do not require documentation.  If you have an immediate family member in your birth state, they can get your birth certificate showing their identification.  Some states will accept documents that verify your name and current address (utility bills, medical bills, etc.), but you may have to call their vital statistics office for help, which is not easy if you get the automated machine.

If you have a social security number, but not the card, you can go to a SS office and get a printout of your number (a numident) that is usually adequate to get your state ID.  You can also request a replacement card, but that takes some time to get.

If you don't have a social security number, you will need to get one from SS.

In general, if you don't have an ID, it is a real obstacle course.
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I know huh.  Go to vital  I don't believe you have to have ID to get a birth cert.  Just knowing social security number and mother DOB information ect.  I think you can get it that way.  Choose the state ect.  Use the internet.  When I asked in person about six months ago in Oregon the said I needed to know this suff to put it the request form.....Good Luck.
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Go to the town hall in the town where you were born.  See the town clerk.  He/she can tell you what you will need to do.  You at least need to have your driver's license or some other government-issued ID.  It would help if you already know your Social Security Number off the top of your head.  The Town Clerk will be happy to help you, though.

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