Was Born In Monterey California At Fort Ord Army Base. I Know They Had Shut Down A While Back. How Would I Be Able To Retrieve A Certified Copy Of My Birth Certificate Or Even An Original Copy?


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Get ahold of vital records in Monterey california.. You will need to bring I think 13.oo  dollars money order or debit or  check. Have your birthdate,  your mom maiden name or name when she gave birth to you, your fathers name and there birthdates and  if you have two forms of id like social security card , school id, work id and a copy of shot record.. If you do by mail.. You will need to make copies of your id, send a money order and give information on your parents.. But for your safety they might ask you for you grandparents names if you name is too commend=you could get address in white business pages..under vital records then put the zip code and it will show you name, address and phone number and business hours  good luck have a good day

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