In California What Age Can A Child Refuse Visitation With Non-custodial Parent?


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If you can get online to ask the question, you can call the local Court Clerk of your Courthouse and ask them, (maybe family Court). You could also ask your school Counsellor or Advisor , too. If you just don't want to see the parent,or are afraid of them, , you could request that another person go with you(an adult, from the Courthouse.)
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It's hard to know why you don't want to see a parent, but if it is because they haven't been in your life, maybe you could give them a chance. Hear them out. Sometimes there are reasons, sometimes not. Parents make lots of mistakes sadly, we are only human, too. It is sad to me so many kids are like you, have a lot of anger, because of your parents mistakes. It might be good for you to talk to someone , like I said , school councellor (if you like them, or the school nurse sometimes can help) ,

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