At What Age Can A Child Legally Leave Their Parents And Live With Grandparents?


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Leaving home is often something that children or young people feel the need to do. Generally it’s accepted that 18 is the ideal time to leave home, given that the individual will be able to enter into legal contracts once they have left the home and got their own place.

However, in some cases it’s necessary earlier than that. For young people suffering abuse, agencies will be able to get the child leave home, and either enter care or move in with other family like their grandparents. This is allowed at any age. The difficult comes with doing it through choice. If a young person is trying to live with their grandparents instead, it’s a matter of the parents agreeing to it.

If the parents can agree to the child moving out and living with their grandparents, then that can be done at near enough any age during their youth. You don’t need to be 18 to leave.

It’s often difficult for families to deal with children leaving home, but sometimes when children move to their grandparents’ house, it’s for the better. Moving to the homes of an elderly relative can allow the child to remain in contact with parents while staying away from home for whatever reason caused the move in the first place.

Get in touch with local government if you need precise information and legalities about your own area. There’ll be somebody in a dedicated office or over the telephone who will be willing to talk to you, or provide you with contact details for family services that are willing to help.
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It is legal for children to live with their grandparents at any age as long as they have the consent of their parents. If their parents do not consent, the grandparents can sometimes get custody. Children are allowed to leave home of their own accord and without parental consent when they reach the age of 18.
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My mom wants to move and me I don't want to move cause I am not mentally stable to move and my boyfriends mom says I can live with them I am 15 what can I do so I can live with them cause I can not live with my dad
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Im 16, and I wanted to leave cause No one trusted me for some of my reason, she wanted me to stay at school ever since day 1. I never wanted that in first place, because everyone in my family were being huge stress for me, and people at school were giving me look sometime. I just wanted to move to my friend's sister who live 120 miles away from here and start a new fresh at another school, but is it legal to stay with them?

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In the United States a child can legally leave his parents and live with grandparents or anyone else at age 18, unless he or she is legally married. If, legally married a child can live with his or her spouse outside the home of the parents. Different states within the United States have laws governing the legal age for marriage and that age is usually age 16 with parental consent being a requirement.

In some cases where a child has reached the age of 16 he or she can under the laws of Emancipation of Minors, have the parental rights of his or her parents denied. In this case he or she would be free to live with grandparents and in some cases could even live alone in his or her own residence. Special conditions must be proven in a court of law for this to happen.

Other countries may have different laws governing the rights of a child under age 18, to live with those other than his or her parents. This information would need to be determined by seeking legal advice from an attorney or agency dealing with this type of situation.
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The real question is why should you (I assume it's you) want to live with the grandparents. If it's because you just don't want to live with the parents and the grandparents will let you do things the parents won't that's not a good enough reason. If the parents are abusive and violent then I say yes, hire a lawyer and try. My brother left home and went to live with our grandparents because he didn't like the rules my parents made him follow. Now at the age of 50, he has absolutely no respect for my dad. He refers to our grandfather as his dad even though my grandfather (he is now deceased) didn't want it that way. So think about it very carefully.
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As longs as your parents agree for you to live with your grand parents, you can do so if your grandparents can cope and it depends what age and your grandparents, you can go live with them, it shouldn't really matter what age you are as long as your grandparents can manage.
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I'm 16, and currently living with my mom just left because of a fight between my grandma and her... And she moved with my uncle to a town about 2 hours and a half away,for about 5 months now, she wants to take me back but I don't want to go, can I stay with my grandma?

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