Can I Put My Name On My Daughters Birth Certificate Without The Mothers Consent, As I Believe She Went And Had Her Registered Behind My Back?


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My daughter was born on the 6 5 2006. My now ex partner had not put my name on the Birth Certificate, how do I go about putting my name on the register ?
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Yes, you can put your own name on your daughter's birth certificate.  In fact, you can put Godzilla's name on the birth certificate.  In either case, you are committing a crime for altering a legal document.  The original birth certificate represents the true and valid birth certificate.  You can fill in your name, scribble on the face of the certificate, draw pictures with crayon on it, but the original birth certificate remains the only true and valid birth certificate.  A CERTIFIED copy of the original birth certificate may need to be presented by your daughter at some time in the future.  This can only be obtained through the Office of Vital Statistics in the county where she was born. Such a copy will NOT show the name that you ILLEGALLY entered on your present copy.

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