When Did Julia Robert's Divorce Lyle Lovett?


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In 1992, on the set of "The Player", Julia Roberts met country singer/songwriter, Lyle Lovett. Ten years her senior, well read and well traveled, Julia Roberts fell for the older man. With Lovetts's unconventional looks ,headlines in the tabloids often labeled the two as a 'Beauty and the Beast' couple but the pair were in love and eloped and married, barefooted, on June 25, 1993. Due to the career demands of both Roberts and Lovett, the two were often away from each other causing their marriage to fall apart. The pair divorced on 22 March, 1995 but, to this day, still remain friends. Julia Roberts is now married to cameraman, Daniel Moder and in 2004 the two welcomed twins Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter Moder and Hazel Patricia Moder. In 1999 Lyle Lovett started dating current girlfriend, April Kimble, whom he met at a talk he gave about ethics in journalism.

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