I Am Trying To Write A Letter To My Husband Telling Him I Want A Divorce Does Anyone Have A Template Letter So I Can Figure Out How To Start This Letter.?


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Dear Husband, We have been married for ___ years. You are a good man, but after much soul searching, I find that I no longer love you as I did when we got married. We have both grown and changed, but in different ways, and I no longer feel the way I did then. As things are, I find I no longer wish to be married to you. I am somewhat saddened by this change in our relationship, but I feel the only way for me to find the happiness that I long for, is to divorce. I do not wish to make you sad or angry, I am just telling you how I truly feel. I respect you and I bear you no ill will. My fondest hope is that you will go on with your life, and find the happiness that you deserve. Please do not try to change my mind. I have given this a lot of thought, and divorce is what I truly want. I hope that some day you will understand and can forgive me for any unhappiness that this may cause in your life. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation in this matter and may you find a life without me, that will also make you happy. God Bless you and keep you, Sincerely, Wife
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Don't accuse. Express how YOU feel, what emotions YOU are going through. For example, "When you say... I feel.....", When you do...I feel...". For this reason, I see no way for this marriage to work and although I can be your friend forever, I just can't be your wife.
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Only children (which includes immature adults) would write a letter or send a fax or a text concerning something so personal. If this is a case of irreconcilable differences, meet with your husband in a public but semi-private place (a cafe or quiet restaurant, an outdoor plaza) and face him like an adult! If you fear the possibility of violence or if there is no other way to get your husband to communicate with you, see an attorney and let him advise you otherwise, you're courting trouble.
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No special form, just do it in a way that you know your husband will understand and without hurting him too bad

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