How Do I Fill In A Marriage Certificate?


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In many Jurisdictions a marriage certificate is known as the official record. This official record keeps track of the two people that have undertaken a marriage ceremony. In some places however a marriage license is issued, this license can serve the dual purpose of giving the permission for some one to get married and then for the recording of the fact that the marriage has taken place.

On a marriage certificate you will have to fill the columns, which have been provided on the certificate. In the first column 'Name of the Groom' you are suppose to write the name of the male, on the second column 'Residence' write the residential address of where the groom. In the third column 'Name of the Bride' fill in the name of the female. Again the fourth column 'Residence' write the same address as that of the groom, as the couple will be staying together. Then fill in the remaining columns; Place of marriage, Date of Marriage, Married by (name of the priest), Date of Record and recorded by (City Clerk).

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