My Original Marriage Certificate Is Lost. What Is The Procedure I Should Follow.- Ps Advise


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Obtaining your marriage licence or certificate is actually quite a straight forward process and there are numerous ways you can go about obtaining a copy of it. First, you'll need to contact the General Register Office" this is the place that all legal documents are kept, such as birth certificates, death certificates and of course, marriage certificates. By simply calling them or dropping them a line on an email or by letter, the office will send you out a form which you will need to fill out. The form is pretty straight forward to fill out, and will request information about you and your partner, plus details of the marriage, such as where the ceremony was held and on which date and which names were registered to the certificate. Once your form is filled out, simply send this back to your General Register Office. They will then process the form and search and print out a copy of your marriage certificate using the details and information you have provided on the form" this is why you have to be sure that the form is filled out correctly, to prevent any delays in the retrieving of your document. When your certificate is found, the copy will be sent to you" if more information is required, the General Register Office will contact you. A small fee may be required to obtain a copy.

You can also request a copy of marriage certificate by going online to the General Register Office's official website. When you log onto it, you'll be asked which document you are after and then be taken to an online form. You will also find that a payment is requested from you" it is usually a small fee. When the form is complete, your marriage certificate will be posted out to you.
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You can go online  to your local court house and request a copy by paying a fee or you could go in person.Some court houses has it on file in public records on line, but it wont have the seal on it it only allows you to confirm that it  is there and if your correct.But you can buy it on line threw them and they will mail you a copy with the seal on it!
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I have lost my marriage certificate and I need a new one as soon as possible please help
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Lost marriage certificate in India kolkata city  now what to do?
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The state of NC has lost my marriage license and I need one right away what do  I do, they sent me a copy a few years ago.
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I got married in Hong Kong in March, 2010. My wife lost the certificate on a train trip to the immigration dept.

How do we get a replacement copy?

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You can write to the city hall where you were married and ask them the cost for a new (copy) of the certificate. They may send you a form to fill out and enclose your $ and that's it.
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We were married in a church that is no longer there. I have my marriage license, but I do not have a marriage certificate. How can I get a copy of the certificate to prove that I was married at the church.

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