I Lost My Original Marriage Certificate. How Can I  Get Another One?


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This shouldn’t be an issue. It’s perfectly easy to lose your original marriage certificate, and many people have to obtain another one. The first thing you need to do is contact the correct office, according to your own state’s laws. You should also call your county clerk recorder’s office to find out if you will be able to obtain certified copies through it. If you can’t, then it should be able to provide you with the number of the state health department’s vital records office, or contact details of another department that can help.

Then you will need to fill out any necessary applications for obtaining these copies of your marriage license certificate. Some states will require this, and other won’t. You will need to provide the clerk of health department with information such as your name, your spouse’s name, your wedding date and the county in which your wedding took place. You will also need to provide photographic identification, if they ask you for it. Every single state will allow you to pick up a copy of the certificate in person, online, or through the mail if it is more convenient for you.

You’ll then be required to pay for all the associated fees. The copy that your state will mails you once your marriage is first filed is free, but if you lose it and require additional copies, you must pay full price for them from your State, as well as an additional price for every copy on top of that. The fee, as well as the forms of payment, vary from country to country.

If you have any more questions, just get in touch with your local authority. They will be able to provide you accurate information, which will vary depending on where you live.
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You can apply for a copy of a marriage certificate three ways: In person, by mail, by fax, or here: InCheck.

Identification is required to apply for copies of vital records in person, by mail or by fax. The acceptable forms of identification are listed below.

ONE of the following:
Wisconsin driver's license
Wisconsin ID card
Out-of-state driver's license/ID card


TWO of the following:
U.S. Government-issued photo ID
Checkbook/bank statement
Health insurance card
Current, dated, signed lease
Utility bill or traffic ticket
Paycheck or earnings statement

At least one form of identification must show your name and address.  Expired cards or documents will not be accepted. You must have an original ID to apply in person and provide a copy to apply by mail.

There is no additional charge for postage.

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I have lost my marriage certificate and I need that very urgently...
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Court house where you got married
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You can get the certificate by getting details on the internet and follow the simple steps. You didn't mention your area. If you live in USA then visit the following website and by giving a few details you can get your marriage certificate.
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Ive lost my marriage license n surrey british-columbia n now I live in winnipeg manitoba,what can I do
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Just go to office of your area for this purpose with your & your wife's I-Card on your name & get a new or alternate
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Go to the clerk of courts and tell them. They keep them on record and you can get a new certified copy!
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Well you call the courthouse in the county where you got married and tell them you need another lincse and they will tell you how much it is and you can get a copy .

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