Why Do Women-more Then Men-get So Angry During Divorce/separation Proceedings?


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Some women regardless of the situation do not want to let go they want to hold on to what they have instead of someone else benefiting from it. At this time a women is very vulnerable
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This can happen for a multitude of reasons. First of all women are still discriminated against financially, in many areas, by banks employers, and the courts are no exception.
So when a couple gets separated she is the one most likely to take a knock financially, this is statistically proven by the way, one only has to look at all the one parent families inhabiting ghettos in many cities to see the result of absent fathers.
Another thing that could impact the situation, is that the mother is more likely to be given custody in a dispute over child access, there are exceptions of course, but they remain exceptions only.
So a woman, already, not being paid her full due by her boss and all the other insitutions she may have to deal with, is more likely to get angry, and feel victimised, although again this is not always the case, but it happens regularly.
Woman also can become more vindictive, because they use their mouths, instead of their physical strength to intimidate.

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