Why Do Women Become Mean To The Man When They're Going Through The Divorce?


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I could ask why men become mean when going through a divorce.
It is because you are no longer playing on the same team. You are now on opposing sides of the fence and if you have attorneys involved, they are egging you on to get anything and everything that is rightfully yours.
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It isn't always the man or woman themselves that get mean. Most times...the lawyers involved egg bad things on, so they can keep your case open longer & make a lot more money for themselves. I've gone thru this myself. Divorce started out on a friendly basis...until his lawyer decided to make it a free for all against me. So then the pain & hurt got stronger, and left me no choice, but to fight harder. This made things linger far too long and only made both lawyers richer, and us poorer. It also made the friendly part of it disappear into thin air...and that's something I will never be able to get back. Not every divorcing person actually gets meaner. There's a lot of different circumstances involved in a divorce, and it's too difficult to point out just one or two. I wouldn't put the blame on either one of the people in the divorce all the time. It would depend on if Adultery was involved, Domestic Violence being involved, or some other form of hurt & pain that caused the divorce in the first place..It's almost never the fault of the children in the family, tho many of them do blame themselves. Children involved within a divorce should always be protected as much as possible, and they should not be used as pawns. Keep it between the 2 parties, only.
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Do you think it's fair to say that all women are mean to their men while going through a divorce? I could just as easily ask why are all men mean to their women while going through a divorce, right? But that wouldn't be fair either. Some women are mean and some men are mean. And there are just too many possibilities as to why that is. They may use their meanness to manipulate the court into giving them what they want. That could be because of adultery or drug or alcohol addiction or even a variety of lesser evils. Meanness by either party is purely circumstantial. So, the blanket accusation doesn't fit here.

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