My drivers license is suspended indefintely upon review in Michigan. Can I get a drivers license in Las Vegas?


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J-- C-- , Not legally, answered

Well, I say not legally, but Nevada may have ass backwards laws on such things. Only way to find out is to try.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

Motor Vehicle Depts across America are all connected to a central computer system so once a license is suspended in one state, it's suspended across America, and an attempt like this will be marked on your file and will appear to the Judge who suspended it in the first place. This isn't good as Judges don't appreciate people who try to circumvent the system so your best bet here is don't even try, sorry.

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Lynn Blakeman answered

You will be able to get a license in Nevada, due to Michigan not having reciprocal driving laws. This means that Michigan won't have shared your suspension with the state of Nevada.

A good website to check for up to date details relating to your state is

Basically 45 states agreed to share any driving violations across state lines, the only ones not involved in this are Michigan, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

However, to get a license in Nevada, you need to show residency. This means that you either need to move to that state, or an alternative is to visit Nevada and set up a PO Box, you would then need to have things redirected from your home address to there so that it looks as though you are living there. This will mean that you have to pay a monthly bill for the PO box of course.

Rather than go through all this, if you are planning to stay in Michigan you could apply for a hardship license which will enable you to drive to and from your workplace.

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