If My Drivers License Is Suspended Indefinitely In Ohio,can I Get It Back In Pennsylvania?


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I can't say with 100% certainty but I would guess so. My license was suspended in Texas in 2003 and within months I moved to Virginia. I went to the DMV and obtained a new license with no problems. Four years ago I moved to Florida and obtained a license here with no problems, even though my license is still suspended in Texas (I also have a bench warrant for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation). The Florida DMV did ask if my license had ever been suspended, but I replied "no", and I got my license. I know that in California as well as Texas the traffic courts don't seem to talk to the courts in other jurisdictions, as evidenced by the fact that I once went to traffic school 4 times in 3 months despite California only allowing you to do so every 18 months because I got my tickets in different jurisdictions. If traffic courts in the same state don't talk to each other, they certainly don't communicate with other states.

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