I Pay Child Support To My Ex-wife Who Remarried Three Months After Our Divorce. Her New Husband And She Claim My Kids On Their Annual Tax Returns Every Year. Isn't That Illegal?


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I hate ot burst your bubble, kiddo, but unless you have joint custody she can move anywhere she was to in the usa. And unless you have it in your divorce papers that you are entitled to claim the kids on your taxes than he is legally correct in claiming them as they pay for more than half of their support for more than half of the year and it don't make any difference if you pay $3000.00 a month for them in child support. They live with them apparantly . And no matter where they move the amount of child support will remain the same unless she decides to file court papers to increase it so don't ever let her know how much you are making. If the amount of child support you are paying is really large and you feel that it would cover more than half of the children's suppor than you can file papers to have yourself claim them on your tax return but I"d be careful of that because than she can hit you for more money too.  I would have answered this sooner but I just joined this web site a few weeks ago. If you want  some free legal help try calling a guy named John Hall at 432-853-5711. He's a volunteer lawyer on as a lawyer.com
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Dear, it is not legal act what she has done, because when you guys have got divorced then for sure the court has defined what you actually have to pay which you have to pay as long as you are. And as she has changed her state even then you have to pay what has been defined earlier but changes could be done if at the notice letter it has been mentioned for e.g. In any of the below circumstances the child support would be increased like that.

You should also contact with the court for clearance.
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Unless your court order say's otherwise your x-wife and new husband have every right to claim the children. As long as she is custodial parent. If your x decides to take you back to court there is a good chance she can get more money if your making more. If you are living in California and your children are in Rhode Island the judge may be sympathetic to you because you will not be able to see your children as much and will be responsible for splitting the transportation costs. And cut you a break on the added support. Good Luck.
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It is not illegal for your ex and her new hubby to file kids on their taxes because they live with them full time. Sorry but would actually be illegal for You to claim them because they do not reside with you.

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