Can I Ask Another To Marry Me While I Am Not Yet Divorced From My Previous Wife?


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You can do anything you want to do when it comes down to it but it may cost you during the divorce proceedings. If you become engaged now and your soon to be ex can prove that you were with this person while you were still married and not started, then you have opened a whole can of worms that you don't want to be in. Speak to an attorney and they can give you all the details. You will need one to make sure things are fair in the divorce. Even though you both may say everything is good, it is amazing how people become when going through this. I found a side of my ex that I never knew existed
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As far as professing your love for another woman not your wife is not inappropriate since you've been separated in fact...I suppose by bed and board...for quite some time already. However, you shouldn't live together yet or you may be charged with concubinage. You can't marry her yet or you'll be charged with bigamy. For the meantime, enjoy your affair and make sure you've found your true love this time. Love is lovelier the second time around. Best wishes!
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Yes this is pretty much acceptable. You have already separated and you plan to get divorced eventually, so its perfectly okey to propose another woman. But you need to be fair to the new love. Tell her the whole truth and also you must be sure that you do plan to get divorced no matter what.
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Ask a lawyer, but if not, while you are still married, you can be accused of infidelity and lose more than your shirt in the divorce settlement when it comes to custody of children and finances.
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If your divorce has not been processed yet and you know in your heart that you do not want to lose the new love, offer a beautiful promise ring signifying and explaining that as soon as the divorce is finalized, you will propose honestly with a proper wedding proposal and ring. Trust me, I am going through this right now. I was given the promise ring and it made me secure in our relationship and gave me something to look forward to.
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This Sounds Naive And Ridiculous. Close One Chapter Before You Start Another One. A Ring Sounds More.Like Empty Promises To Keep You Believing In Lies. I'm Willing To Bet This Wedding Never Took Place.

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