How Do You Serve An Eviction Notice?


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Ok well what if your rent due on the first but he gives you until the fifth to pay it and you don't pay it on the fifth so he give you a other 5 days to pay it so you pays it before that 5 days is up but he stills gives you and eviction notice what do you do then.
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An eviction notice is served by the landlord of the property to its tenants living in it. Eviction notices can be served in case the tenant has not been paying the rent for a long time or the landlord wishes to sell his property. The power of eviction is in the hands of the landlord. To serve an eviction notice it is important to register the notice with the state. Make many copies of the notice and present it to the tenant. If the tenant is not available, paste the copy in the premises, where the tenant can view it clearly. The door or the mailbox is a good option. In case there are many tenants living in the property, make sure you make many copies and give it to each and every person living in the property. The eviction period is around three to ten days.

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