If You Live In An RV Park In Texas Do You Have To Have 30 Day Notice For Eviction?


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My husband and I were notified at 9:00 and told we had to be off of the property immediately. We left, but later found that we did not need to go. The manager of Trade Winds, with the consent of the owners has been evicting people illegally for several years and everyone thought he had the right to do so. When we went to speak to the police about it  the Assistant Chief of Police sent us to a local Justice of the Peace. We were told that we did not need to leave and that recreational vehicles and manufactured homes are still under the laws for all tenants. The eviction process is lengthy with a judgement made by a Justice of the Peace after sworn statements by both the management and tenant are taken into consideration. The Justice of the Peace has the final say. Check out Texas Property Codes , Chapters 24 and 94 . Also be aware that a bill posed by the Texas Campground Association was vetoed last year but will be resubmitted this year. If that bill passes into law, RVers may be evicted by a letter telling them to leave, without warning or reason and without giving back any unused rent. Check out the blog that deals with this eviction issue on Full Time RVers website.

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