If You Receive A Eviction Notice How Many Days Do You Have To Vacate The Premises?


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The amount of days you are given to leave the property after being served an eviction notice varies from state to state but there are some basic rules that you should be aware of.

  • How many days do you have after eviction?
When you are issued an eviction notice, generally you will not be expected to vacate the premises on the day the notice was handed to you. In order to find the correct number of how many days you have until you must leave the property, you should speak to a member of parliament in your constituency. However, in most cases you will have about three to five days after the eviction notice was served for you to meet your rent conditions.

  • What happens if you can't meet their demands?
If you have not been able to meet the requirements set by your landlord in the time that has been given after the eviction notice then you will have to go to court. You should contact the appropriate legal system so you have assistance in the court proceedings. In some cases, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to seek damages if you have been unlawfully evicted.

  • What are your rights?
You need to consider that you have rights even if you have been handed an eviction notice. For example, your landlord cannot evict you unless they have followed the appropriate court proceedings. Moreover, they cannot attempt to force you out of the property.

  • Extra facts
In some cases you may be able to receive special consideration during a legal proceeding such as this if you are, for example, a serving member of the military. It is very important that you consult a legal professional so you are aware of where you stand and what your rights are.
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I live in Tucson Az. Was given eviction notice 10/04/11 how many days do I have to move?
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I received an 5 day eviction notice to leave my home.
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I receive a eviction in michigan 5/7/2009 how much time do I have before I have to move
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It depends upon the state in which you are living. In some states you have to move in 3 days and in most states you have 30 days to vacate. Read your notice, it states every thing.

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