Is A Landlord Required To Provide Blinds?


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No they aren't. If you move into a place and there is a hardwood floor and you want carpet, he is not responsible for providing that either. Usually you have all the other amenitites in the apt. Though, stove, frig, toilet, sinks, stuff like that. But no, they don't have to provide curtains. Hope this helps.
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Normally landlords do provide that, but it depends on your agreement also. If he has said so, he has to provide it. Otherwise you might need to get it yourself.
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No a landlord does not have to supply window coverings for the windows that is your job,some places do and that is because the former tenant left them as you know all windows are not the same size so most people don't take the blinds when they leave,most places have something to the windows only because they wish all the windows to look uniformed like all shades or all blinds...good luck to you...
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It 's just depends in which society you live,Normally landlords provided these .. But also tenants have responsibility to buy curtains and all useful things ..

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Only if he told you he would supply and install.  Normally where I live renter takes care of the window coverings.
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Usually the tenant is responsible for the window treatments, unless they told you they would supply them.
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They do not have to provide curtains, it isn't a law, and you can ask that they provide it for you, but that might be a stretch for that. You are probably going to have to put your own up. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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I wish I knew.  I have had heard of housing authorities requiring landlords who operate subsidized/section 8/public housing to do so but I have not found any law, code, or statute requiring that thus far.

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