Is It Illegal For A Landlord To Disclose My Personal Information To Other Tenants?


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YES...the landlord does not have any authority to give out any kind of information to you, even the police, unless they can issue the landlord a warrant. I work at an apt. complex as office manager. The landlord can be sued for this.
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The law for this type of behavior depends on the local laws and regulations.But it was indeed a very rude and unethical thing to do to your tenant.I think you can sue him for defamation.
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YES! I once had a young tenant living at one of my properties that was a suspect in a major crime. The first thing that detectives did was come to me to get as much information out of me as possible. By law, I could not disclose anything to them without a warrant, like Melissa said...even in a situation as serious as that. Get yourself some good proof that this is happening before you pursue anything. Just saying that you heard they were doing it (hearsay) does not stand up in court. You'll need the actual parties that received the info about you to testify or writen proof.
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All 8 apts upstairs are occupied by singe women. We all moved in around the same time and are really good friends now. Two of them really stuck up for me and told him they could not believe he was doing this while I was in the hospital having a tumor removed from my stomach!I researched laws last night and he can't do anything to them for testifiying that this happened. Also the UNRUH (housing authority) act says he can't discriminate b/c of personal characteristics so can't evict b/c he does not like me.
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No, that is personal information and they do not have the right to discuss any of you issues with anyone other than them
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That is illegal.  You can file paperwork (complaint) with court and the judge may find them in violation of Fair Housing Act  Something like 500 per occurence
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Yes hbarry it is illegal that is like a therapists telling his family what all him and his patient talked about it is called landlord tenant confidentiality...
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Thanks everyone for the answers! I checked out laws last night and the UNRUH ACT says he can't evict me b/c of personal traits or characteristics. Also, he can't retaliate on my friends for testifying b/c that to is discrimination. I am a marketing consultant for law firms and I finally got in touch with one of my clients today that confirmed this for me. My eviction was up today and I will be moving but not until he waste a lot of time and money in court with me! One of my clients thought this was absurd as well so he is going to represent me for free. I also called the housing authority and the gas company b/c when I moved in they told me the space heaters were very dangerous. They confirmed this again today and are writing a letter for me about the dangers and asking him to remove. So anyway, like I said HE WILL PAY FOR THIS! I am not a vindictive person but this is just wrong! Evicting someone while they are in the hospital is just WRONG!! Sorry for the book but had to get this off my mind!
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What your landlord is doing is called slander, if you want out, then consider taking this too court. Your home environment should be a place where you have trust and are free from slander. Your home environment is one of the major influences of happiness. Your choice will also effect your well being, after this he's probably just looking for an excuse, to kick you out, anyways. If he is so immature, and crude. I personally would not tolerate the intrusion, and the awful, degrading, name calling. I believe strongly you should move out, more than likely the situation will only gey worse. Goog fortune.
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Thanks! I am definitely moving out. My eviction notice ended today but he has not filed it in court. I checked out housing laws last night and I am going to NAIL HIM! The UNRUH ACT states he can't discriminate b/c of my personal characteristics or traits therefore him evicting me b/c he thinks I am a "bitch" and "drama queen"! He said this in front of all my girlfriends in the building and one of them is actually moving b/c of it as well. She totally went off on him when he said it!
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Awesome, your girlfriends you have no problems showing up to court as witneses. Court dates are always excused from work, especially when the are supenud. You can also get a public defender and make payment, on your tab. Legally you have some time after the eviction some states its 30 day some states it like 110 days in ny. If not actual number it real close. And any where in between. Personally I would get out,fast. Good luck
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As a landlord, I can not and no not give out personal information unless police has a warrent or summons. (and I get yelled at all the time by law inforcement for not helping them out) But I do find it comical that you asked them to pick up money western union! It is not their place not matter what your circumstance! Hahaha
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Don't give out any information without consulting with an attorney
first. If the attorney wants to give this information that is up to him/her
and will do it through legal means. The less you say or give the better your are in the long run.
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Can my landlord tell everyone he pleases that I am the tenant renting the property from him.
I would have thought it should be client confidentiality.
Can I take action in Scottish law to stop this happening?

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