Can A Landlord Enter Your Apartment Without Notice?


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If your lease states that the landlord can enter without notice, then of course he can. Check your lease. But ethically and as a matter of courtesy, even if the lease allows it, he or she should first notify you first, barring an emergency. Why don't you have a conversation with your landlord to discuss your thoughts/feelings about this? I would also put the landlord on notice as to your expectations for any future entry. Put it in writing and make sure it has a date on it... Good luck.
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He absolutely does NOT have the right to come in without notice. You need to do something about that. You are renting the place from him, he does not have the right to invade your privacy!
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Common courtesy says he should give you notice and the reason for his coming into your apartment. Check with the other Tenants see if he came into there apartments as well. He must of left something to let you know that he was there. If all else fails l would talk to him about it.
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Shouldn't and can be evicted.

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