Can My Landlord Enter My Home And Remove Property Without Legal Consent?


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I would call a local attorney to find out what the laws are in your state.  They probably vary.  You can usually meet with an attorney for the first time for free to get free advice.  You will need to call around and find out which attorney is best for you and offers a free consultation.  That way you can get your questions answered and can state that you have met with a lawyer.  You don't have to hire the attorney.  Good luck, an attorney can give you the best and accurate advice. 
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Mati green answered
Without eviction papers he can't touch your belongings... Talk to your local police, they are usually involved when property is being removed from a rental unit. Your landlord has to serve you eviction papers. When I moved from my last rental place I was not able to move by the date I said, so they just prorated what I owed for the 3 extra weeks I was there.

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