Can A Landlord Give A Key To A Hired Workman To Enter A Tenants Home Without Their Knowledge?


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My landlord rang to say he was bringing round a new tenancy agrement  but wouldnt tell me a time,when he arrived he tried to let himself in with the key he didnt even knock on the door. We recently changed the locks as he was going into other peoples flats while they are out.he has asked for a key do I have to give him a key. He got in our contract that anyone he trust can enter our property to do repairs/inspections. I don't like the thought that strangers got a key to my flat and can let them self in anytime they want
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No, it's not in their right because they have rented the home to you and now it's your right to just live in that house actually the act which he has done is extremely unethical, or if he is doing it then at least he should inform you before doing it.

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