How Many Days Notice Does A Landlord Need To Give A Tenant In California?


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They have to give you 24 hours notice to enter your space.
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The 30 day law includes california for eviction notice also, you have 30 days from the receipt of the notice...the best to you
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It is not an eviction but a 'normal' notice to vacate. They have been good renters. My lease does not specify how many days.
In california
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Read your original lease. Call the landlord tenant courts in California and ask that question. Most states the landlord can't just come along and put you out. Usually a certified notice is required followed by a court or arbitration hearing, then a writ of possession, in the state I'm from ,check CAlifornia rules and regulations pertaining to tenants and landlords rights.
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The standard 30 days for notices everywhere
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Does a Landlord or Property Manager need to give a written or phone call to advise tenants that work will be done on the property that we are renting?  I am talking about our private backyards so that a tree can be removed.

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